All fouls must be called and acknowledged before next shot is taken. (exception: scratching)

The following results in fouls:

  1. Failure to make a legal shot as noted above.
  2. Shooting the cue ball into a pocket or off table.
  3. It is a foul when a player scratches on the break, or deflects the cue ball prior to hitting the racked balls. The incoming player receives (Cue ball in hand behind the headstring).
  4. When placing the cue ball in position, any forward stroke motion contacting the cue ball will be a foul, if not a legal shot.
  5. Shooting without at least one foot touching the floor.
  6. Coaching is a foul. Any member of a team called for coaching will result in a foul on the team member shooting.
  7. Object Ball Frozen To Cushion Or Cue Ball. This applies to any shot where the cue ball’s first contact with a ball is with one that is frozen to a cushion or to the cue ball itself. After the cue ball makes contact with the frozen ball, the shot must result in either:

    a) A ball being pocketed, or;
    b) The cue ball contacting a cushion, or;
    c) The frozen ball being caused to contact a cushion attached to a separate rail, or;
    d) Another object ball being caused to contact a cushion with which it was not already in contact.

    Failure to satisfy one of those four requirements is a foul.

    A ball which is touching a cushion at the start of a shot and then is forced into a cushion attached to the same rail is not considered to have been driven to that cushion unless it leaves the cushion, contacts another ball, and then contacts the cushion again. An object ball is not considered frozen to a cushion unless it is examined and announced as such by either the referee or one of the players prior to that object ball being involved in a shot.

  8. ACCIDENTALLY moving or touching any ball is not a foul unless: 1) the moved ball is the cue ball or 2) a moved ball makes contact with the cue ball or 3) a moved ball that is jumped off the table or pocketed or causes any ball to be jumped off the table or pocketed. (exception to #3: If the 8-ball is jumped off the table or pocketed it is loss of game if called by the opponent before the next shot is taken). Only opponent may replace the ball moved as closely as possible or leave it where it rests. If the shooter replaces the moved ball, it will be considered a foul.
  9. Picking up or shooting the cue ball while any balls are still in motion is a foul.
  10. Push shots and or double hits will be considered fouls.
  11. With cue ball in hand, touching any object ball with the cue ball is a foul or touching any object ball with your hand while touching the cue ball is a foul.
  12. When the slow play rule is enforced taking longer than ONE MINUTE between shots is a foul.
  13. Jumping object balls off the table.
  14. After a scratch on a legal break, if a player positions the cue ball completely and obviously outside the kitchen and shoots it is a foul.
  15. If your opponent commits a foul and you do not receive his/her acknowledgement of such foul prior to touching the cue ball you have committed a foul. (exception: scratching)
  16. Illegal jumping of ball.