The AMOA National Dart Association (NDA) is the sanctioning body of electronic darting dedicated to the standardization, recognition, promotion and growth of competition worldwide. Memberships are processed without regard to race, color, religion, ethnic origin or age.


This player pamphlet entitled "Player’s Guidebook" has been prepared for the exclusive use of the members of the NDA. Areas of copyright are protected.

Topics covered in this pamphlet are to be viewed in two ways. First, there are areas of standardization that require compliance of NDA-sanctioned leagues.

Secondly, there are areas that have been included herein that are suggested means of conducting local league play. In all of these areas your local NDA Charter Holder will have full and unequivocal authority to implement rules for league play. Examples of those areas are:

We hope this pamphlet will be an asset to you in maximizing your enjoyment of the fastest-growing recreational sport in history: "Electronic Darting—The Game You Can Count on."