The area that is directly in front of the assigned dart board, not to exceed either dart board on the left or right of the assigned board, is considered the official "throw area." Up until the time a player has thrown a dart, he/she is allowed to leave the throw area. Once a dart has been thrown, a player is not allowed to completely leave the throw area to the rear or the side. Partially stepping on or placing one foot over the back or the side does NOT constitute a foul. The "player's box" located directly behind the foul line has been reserved for the players competing in the match. This area is considered part of the throw area. The only player allowed in the box is the one that is currently shooting. This area is considered part of the throw area. Any player who completely removes himself from the throw area has indicated that their turn is complete. For wheelchair bound participants, the torso can be on but not across the foul line