You are allowed to stand at the Foul Line with your foot no farther than the front edge of the line. A suggested stance is; throwing side of your body should be toward the board. If you are right handed, your right foot should be on the line and your left foot approximately 18 inches behind. Lean forward slightly with the right knee slightly bent. Balance yourself with the toes of the left foot. Your throwing arm should be in front of your body and the upper arm at approximately a 45-degree angle down, while the forearm is perpendicular. Find the center balance of the dart and hold it lightly. This should be comfortable; you do not need to use all four fingers. The throwing motion should be from your elbow out, holding the upper arm as motionless as possible. Bring your forearm back slightly and with a fluid motion throw the dart toward the target. Remember to follow through by pointing your index finger at the area from which you threw.